Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In my heart part 4

Our world is precious. -Never Give Up Just Don't!
Once upon a dream...Me and my life
Is it October yet?Music is my language
Capitolo 4. Quel ragazzo entrato in punta di piedi nella mia vita.Fotografije od Life is hard. Let's go shopping! :) - wUnDeRlAnD :)
EyesFoto di Nσи ѕσlσ мσdα* - Eyes
art, beautiful, black, black and white, blonde - inspiring picture on Favim.comafter all this time? - always.
Liberty WalkActions Speak Louder Than Words; - Polyvore
I’m hanging on a moment here with you. — Cheap perfume, and a filthy poutCheap perfume, and a filthy pout
Untitled - Polyvoresmile, you.
book, girl, harry potter, red, sun - inspiring picture on Favim.complease,not slytherin.
dresses - Google ImagesGold Forever
TumblrLife is just a party (LA baby…)

It was time for a new post. I just LOVE that page! So much inspiration <3 So if you want look at my user, my name is; Emmamh (emmamh) on we heart it / visual bookmark

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