Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm alive, barely

I'm back. Since Christmas I have been really sick. On January 6th I was at my forth doctors/hospital visit in 2014. So not the best start to this year. When you are sick for such a long time you start thinking that you never will get better. This week I managed to go to school for all my classes and I'm finally feeling better. 
So what was wrong with me? Well first they thought I had an infection in my lymph nodes. 2 days later, Saturday right before midnight, we had to go back to the "doctor". Painkillers and the other medicines they had given me wasn't working. They thought about admitting me to the hospital, but I got to go home because it was nothing the hospital could do at that hour. So the next morning we show up at the hospital. They do a lot of tests and find out that I have mono. Which sucks because it restricts me from a lot of things, and it makes me really tired. The following Friday I went back to the doctors to take new tests and they find out that I also have strep throat. So in short: 2014 has sucked so far this year. 
 From New Years Eve when I was both drinking and using paracetamol. Not good when you have mono btw. 

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