Monday, September 2, 2013

The sky is the limit

Shoes: DNA, Pants: H&M, Shirt: Forever 21, Sweater: Gina Tricot, Earrings: Bikbok
Hahahaha you guys would have laughed so hard if you had been there when Linh and I took these pictures. Every time somebody walked past or drove past we got so embarrassed. We must have looked really craycray. 
Besides that, this was my outfit today. It wont be long before a jacket will be on too. I watch so many beauty gurus on youtube, and every time I hear that they are exited for fall, I want to puke. In Norway we have maybe one day of fall and the rest is winter. There is no cute fall outfits, only ugly, comfortable outfits that keep you warm. Already people are getting out their big winter coats here. Why can't I live in a warm place where they think fall is like the Norwegian summer??.. 


C H I A R A said...

I love the sweatshirts and your shoes ar something amazing!!!
I really love them!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful in this casual outfit and those great kicks!