Thursday, August 22, 2013

I should be standing on a skateboard

Shoes: Converse, Skirt: forever 21, top: Hollister, Necklace: Cubus
Today Linh and I were super sporty and went to the gym before school! So we got in our workout for the day, and surprisingly it went amazing. I was afraid that it would be to early because the last time I did a morning workout I was shaky during the whole workout. It probably had a lot to do with what I ate before. After we worked out we had 3 classes and then I came home and took pictures of my outfit :) I love that it's still quite hot outside. And a little tip to you guys is to wear shorts under your skirts. Without the shorts I would be afraid to show my but all day.

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Anonymous said...

Love you in this red skirt and chucks!!