Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beauty finds

I was in Oslo 2 days ago. And I was exited to go to MAC. The last 5 years I have been a BIG fan of MAC. Every year they come out with their x-mas collection, and it's such a good buy. This year I got the lipgloss set in guilty passions. I also wanted a self tanner because we have a cheer comp next Saturday and I'm just so so so pale! So H&M had a sale on the Dove summer glow and it's a gradual self tan body lotion. I'm hoping I will look a little darker. Oh and the x-mas stuff is in the bodyshop stores to. I just love x-mas so much and everything to do with it, so i picked up a hand lotion for my super dry hands in ginger sparkle. This year I'm going all out for x-mas. I have bought super tacky x-mas leggings so now I need a pair of red "ugg" boots and a tacky x-mas sweater

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